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Crown Roofing is the Best!  They do it all, soup to nuts.  We bought our home in the summer of 2005, in the winter rains it became obvious that the roof was failing as evidenced by multiple leaks.  Based on multiple recommendations we called Crown as they were reputedly the best.  They got us sealed up until roofing weather returned and then did a full tear off and new roof in 2006.  Great job by real pros (not sure how much they like the job since my weird roof has more pitches than a Major League Baseball game).  Fast forward to 2019.  We called them out to replace a skylight and while they were on the roof they didn't like the look of the shingles.  They asked if they could pull a couple and do some research.  Turned out that they had come from a batch that was under recall / warranty from the manufacturer.  Crown did all the legwork to process the claim and got us in their queue for another roof to be paid for under the claim.  They just finished it up and it is great.  They even did nice touches like cleaning all the skylights.  I would never consider a roofing company other than Crown Roofing. 

Lance Benton

Crown Roofing Company is known throughout the roofing industry and among the customers as reliable and reputable, with quality work and customer satisfaction as our priorities. Not every roof needs replacement, and we always give our customers an honest assessment of the work needed.

We offer competitive prices, but because we are committed to quality work, we may not always be the least expensive. However, our customers can always be assured that we will give the best price for the highest quality of workmanship.

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